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hachi109Shibuya: It is one of downtowns that represents Japan in diagonal crosswalk (Intersection in front of Shibuya station) near Ikebukuro, Shinjuku in front of Shibuya station, and three major secondary center of the city that queues up. "Seibu Department Stores", "Tokyu Department Store", and "Parco" It lines with the department store and the specialty store and the restaurant etc. such as "109". There is loyalty dog Hachiko's bronze statue in front of Shibuya station. It is known as young person's town. Moreover, it is Harajuku and place of dispatch of the fashion in same Shibuya Ward. queue up About 1970 year was Shinjuku as for young person's town and the place of dispatch of the fashion of the youth culture. However, the history of the youth culture in Japan changes greatly since Shibuya PARCO of 1973 is opened. The flow changes , saying that "Shibuya from Shinjuku". Shibuya is a crowded city of the young person in Tokyo .
The latest one of Japan has gathered in Shibuya.
you can enjoy, just walking around In Shibuya.


asakusaasakusa109 Asakusa: It is a popular town for the senior citizen.
It has prospered as downtown of the Tokyo the greatest before Edo period. Road enhancing urban area having been made in Great Kanto Earthquake after it is burnt chiefly from damage because of shake in the hard ground in Asakusa plateau due to a fire startA remarkable revival was accomplished in World War II though catastrophic damage was received. Ueno and the Asakusa secondary center of the city are formed with Ueno by the development such as Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shibuya in the Yamanote line place along railway-tracks as secondary center of the city (seven places) that Tokyo enacts since the high economic growth period. It crowds as a town where the Edo emotion is felt now. In the vicinity, a unique shopping street such as the raincoat bridge tool streets where articles related to the restaurant such as the cooking utensils are handled etc. exist, too. [Reference literature:wikipedia]
You can enjoy the Japanese experience.
You can get Japanese goods.

kabuki140109109Do you konw Japanese art "Ukiyoe"?
The ukiyoe is a genre of the painting approved in Edo period. There is a variegated theme like the play, the classical literature, the Japanese poem, customs, the legend, the strange story, the portrait, the still life in the region, scenery, civilization and enlightenment, imperial household, and the religion, etc.There is a meaning "Present age style" in word "World", too and the genre picture that draws customs at the present age. People's a lot of lives and things etc. of daily life are drawn while the flow of a Japanese picture is drawn, and the cultural context as the overall painting style is kept. The painting, the wood block, two mixing techniques, and autograph ukiyoes etc. of the scroll are included in old times though the wood block of a multi color printing (color print) is often entirely recollected in general as for the ukiyoe now.
Let's go to the Ukiyoe Museum.
[Reference literature:wikipedia]

The kabuki (kabuki) is a peculiar play to Japan, and one of the traditional Japanese theaters. Important intangible cultural heritageLet's enjoy the Japanese Kabuki and Nou.

Let's go to a famous place in Tokyo.
Tokyo metropolitan
Tokyo Tower
Let's eat Japanese food whatever you want.

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